How do I get a listing?

Any legal business or organisation in New Zealand can have a listing. To create a new listing use the Add Listing link available on most pages, although we recommend you search for your business or organisation first to make sure it hasn't already been added.

Who can add or edit a business or organisation?

Anyone can add a listing, you don’t have to own, work or even be associated with the organisation in any way, as long as you know and enter in the correct associated details into the appropriate fields. Remember that all listings submitted to us will be checked by a moderator to ensure that the submission is genuine.

What information can I put on 2cu?

  • Business or organisation name
  • Phone numbers
  • Street and Postal addresses
  • Internet details (Website and Email Address)
  • Description
  • Categories that describe your business
  • Wheelchair Accessibility
  • Payment Details
  • Logo and images

What images can I upload to a listing?

  • We recommend that any logos you upload with a listing submission be in a transparent PNG format, however we also accept jpg and gif format.
  • Standard images can be uploaded in png, jpg or gif formats.
  • The maximum size of any image is 2mb, the CWET server will automatically resize the dimensions, and compress an image if required.
  • Logos and images must be relevant to the associated listing, not offensive in any possible way and comply to our terms of service.

Writing a good description for a listing

Descriptions on a business or organisation listing should be no more than 900 characters long, and written from a non biased point-of-view, describing the products and services the organisation provides.

What is a category?

Categories are set phrases, describing your industry or service. 2cu uses categories to search and filter a listing. You must request categories that are relevant to the associated listing.

I can't find a category relating to my industry or service, what can I do?

You are welcome to suggest new categories that you think will improve the 2cu service. Please send us email by the 'feedback' link found on every page. When contacting us it would be helpful to note the type of listing that might use the new category as we need to have at least a small number of listings that would use the new category.

Why does 2cu ask me for my contact details when I add or edit a listing?

If we have any questions about the changes you have made to a listing we can contact you to confirm the changes. We also take your details so we can be sure that any information submitted has been by an individual rather than an automated spam-type link. This information is never visible to the public. Please see our privacy policy for more information.

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