Where are my listings stored?

All data is stored on the New Zealand Community Web Enhancement Trust (CWET) database. CWET brings together non-sensitive contact data for all services in New Zealand regardless of whether they are in the private, charity or public sector.

2cu provides a simple way to search and find information in the CWET database. If you like, 2cu is a public face of CWET.

I've just updated my organisation listing - why are the changes not showing?

All 2cu listings go through a process where they are checked by a team before they are saved to the CWET database. This process may take up to 5 working days, usually much faster, before your changes are ‘live’ on 2cu. We will also send you an email confirming we have approved your recent changes.

The moderation team will check for the following:

  • The submission is an actual organisation or business
  • The phone numbers and addresses are correctly entered
  • Correctly formatted website and email addresses
  • Descriptions fulfilling our guidelines
  • Appropriate categories and keywords
  • Accurate map
  • Correct logo and appropriate photos
  • Meets our submission guidelines and Terms & Conditions

What happens if a moderator spots an error?

Obvious errors, such as typing mistakes, will be fixed automatically. In the event that our team need more information we will either phone or email the submitter or the organisation for the information.

My listing was rejected, what happens next?

In most cases we will contact you via phone or email if we have a problem with you listing submission. We will tell you why your submission has not meet our guidelines, and help you correct your listing. If you are not satisfied and feel your listing does meet our guidelines you are welcome to contact our team to talk further.

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